“Style, Grace, Professionalism and a dynamic human being! Cathy Lee’s eye for design is matched with her understanding of the many different architectural styles we sell in Real Estate. We could not do it without her.”
– John Wesley, The Grubb Company

“The feel, The touch, Cathy Lee is a Real Estate Good Luck Charm. Multiple jobs of staging with C.L. Designs Home Staging for my company, all successful!”
– Fredrick Maida Construction

“Cathy Lee and team make the most average home look spectacular. I rely on her keen eye to bring out the best attributes of my listings. Cathy Lee is a Real Estate Broker’s secret weapon.”
– Diane Britto, J. Rockcliff

“I have used Cathy Lee for all my staging needs. She and her team work well with my clients to inform them of what it takes to present a home properly for market.”
– Murrey Kehrlein, J. Rockcliff

“Cathy Lee is timely and organized and my clients are always happy with their home staging. Cathy Lee has a vast knowledge of the business and her furniture is high end. We love working with her.”
– Teresa Zocchi, Dudum

“Cathy Lee has an eye for color and style. Her staged homes always look beautiful. I have been working with her for many years and never hesitate recommending her to anyone.”
– Ellen Osmuondson, Windermere Diablo Realty